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How Many Gallons Reservoir per Pump Size?

A common question we get at Command Hydraulics is what goes into the sizing of the reservoir unit we offer with each size of PTO pump. We understand it is very important to get sufficient oil cooling capacity with proportionately sized reservoir and cooler units. The HydraBoost unit uses a combination of a large cooler with an electric fan and either a 20 or 25-gallon reservoir to reduce the oil temperatures as needed.

Our system keeps oil temperatures down around 170-180 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the pump running smoothly. The 20-gallon reservoir comes standard on our 12-32 GPM pumps, with the 20-32 GPM pumps getting a larger cooler setup. Our 40 GPM pump has a 25-gallon reservoir tank and the largest cooler system yet. Rest assured, your PTO pump is in good hands with the HydraBoost system behind it and we back that with our 1-year factory warranty.

Wondering if you need a Hydraboost?

Check out this article to find out more information on factors that can influence your tractor's hydraulic capacity!


Randy Seed

Sales Representative

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