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Easily mount any PTO pump directly to any tractor frame.


The PumpDoctor is a support bracket that secures any PTO pump directly to the frame of any tractor.


Without the PumpDoctor, the entire weight of the PTO pump hangs on the PTO shaft, which can cause excessive vibration, shaft strain, shaft warping or breakage.


The PumpDoctor completely eliminates these issues by transferring 100% of the weight of the PTO pump to the tractor frame.

Any tractor, Any Pump

The PumpDoctor mount works with nearly every pump and tractor combination on the market.  We often see applications for the:

  • Case IH auxiliary hydraulic unit on the Early Riser planters

  • Kinze auxiliary hydraulic unit

  • HydraBoost auxiliary hydraulic unit

Shaft Sizes:
  • Big 1,000 (1-3/4" 20 Spline)

  • Small 1,000 (1-3/8" 21 Spline)

  • 540

An exact match:

Unlike other mounts, we manufacture every tractor mount plate to match the exact bolt pattern of your specific tractor model.  This ensures an extremely secure and solid fit.​


  • Reduces pressure gauge flutter

  • Reduces gear, bearing, and shaft failure

  • Relieve stress on the pump and PTO shaft

  • Saves downtime and operator frustration

  • Easy to install

  • Economical

  • Removes all overhung load

Purchase includes:
  • Tractor mount plate

  • Pump mount bracket

  • Sprockets

  • Chain

  • Hardware for mounting

  • Mounting instructions

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JD PumpDoctor 2.png
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