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Step-by-step Guide: How to Mount a PumpDoctor


STEP ONE: Remove the PTO shield on the tractor. The PTO shield is held onto the tractor differential housing with four nuts on the inside of the shield.

STEP TWO: Slip the bracket over the four bolts that held the PTO shield onto the tractor and fasten using 10mm washers and nuts.

STEP THREE: Tighten the four bolts to a torque setting of 45 ft. pounds of torque.

STEP FOUR: Mount PumpDoctor body to brackets using carriage bolts facing rearwards with a flat washer, lock washer, and nut.

STEP FIVE: Apply grease to PTO shaft. Install the tractor sprocket #1 on to the PTO shaft, sliding it all the way forward.

STEP SIX: You are now ready to install the pump. Several pieces of wood blocking and a prybar will be helpful for installing the heavy pump.

STEP SEVEN: Slide sprocket on to pump shaft as it is inserted through body. Use bolts, lock washers & nuts, and secure the pump to the faceplate.

STEP EIGHT: After you have the pump mounted to the PumpDoctor body, make sure the chain coupler sprockets are aligned. If not, pry or tap to correct as needed.

STEP NINE: Wrap chain around the sprockets. Insert connector link. Recheck alignment.

STEP TEN: Tighten carriage bolts to 80lb ft. once alignment is double checked.

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