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Reduce Soil Compaction with Command Float Tires

Another spring planting season, another set of agronomic issues that you have to deal with. Common issues include preparing the seed bed, the moisture and temperature of soil, seed placement and depth, as well as managing residue.

But one concern has been making growers scratch their head- soil compaction.

Soil compaction in pinch rows (those with tire track on both sides of the row) significantly lowers yield, especially when your planting conditions are less-than-ideal. You may also encounter this issue if you’re using a high-capacity and centrally-filled planter. Although these planters can drastically improve productivity, the weight might cause negative consequences which can then lead to yield loss. The good news is, the yield loss from these planters can be lessened.

Combat soil compaction and avoid stunted plant growth, restricted root systems, and yield loss with Command Float Tire System.


  • Double the flat plate footprint of OEM tires

  • Fits John Deere Planters 1770/1775 24R, 1790/1795 All row combinations

  • Maintains toolbar and ride height

  • Easy Bolt-on Installation

  • Reduce Pinch Row Compaction

What’s Included:

  • 4 Tires and Wheels

  • 4 Frame Assemblies

  • 4 Spindles

  • All hardware needed

Read the Full Video Transcript

Hello, this is Randy with Command Hydraulics here to talk about the Command Float Tires.

Command Float Tires are an innovative solution to a common problem growers are facing with John Deere 1770 and 1790 bulk fill planters. The narrow OEM tires can cause petrol compaction due to weight of the seed in the bulk fill ccs tanks when full of seeds. Additionally, the OEM tires leave a lot to be desired for traction when planting in marginal conditions or low spots in the field. As growers have started searching for other options to solve these issues, they often discover tracks as the natural alternative to OEM tires. While tracks do offer the ultimate floatation, the $30,000 price point is enough to warrant hesitation.

The Command Float Tires offer the best of both worlds- giving the growers great planter floatation without sacrificing any of the OEM functionality. With this solution, the wider wheel frames are installed around the four main frame wheels allowing for a tire that doubles the flat plate area over OEM. The economical price point maximizes return on your investment compared to the other expensive options.

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Dan Symington

Sales Representative

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