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What HydraGrips Can I Pair Together?

Make the most of your time on the field with HydraGrips. These are color-coded hydraulic hose handles that are built to eliminate the guesswork of which hose attaches to which ports. These handles also provide users a firm grip that’ll help for easier connection/disconnection when the hose ends are oily, slippery, or dirty.

With the intention to make your (or your equipment operator’s) life easier, HydraGrips let you have different configurations to suit your preference- either by color, by symbol, or both.

Here’s a quick video showing some configurations that HydraGrips come in:

By Pure Color:

HydraGrips in same is one of our standard formats. Both handles are blue in color, and handles have the extend and retract symbol respectively. The HydraGrip branding is also found on the other side of the handles.

By Symbol:

If you want to see the symbols on both sides of the handles, there’s a symbol configuration. It’s like the previous configuration, but it’ll help you recognize and grab the right hose because the symbols can be seen on both sides.

By Varying Colors:

This configuration is fairly similar, as it has retract and extend symbols on both sides of the handles. The difference is that the one handle has a gray color on one half. This will help you recognize the right hose by symbol + varying color.

By Your Preference:

We also have a configuration where the handles are blank- no name and symbols. So if you’re used to certain hose recognition, you can do that to HydraGrips. For instance, the color Red is widely common to be designated as pressure on hydraulic schematics. Therefore, some use the red grip for their pressure hose. Of course, you can combine red with our other available colors if you want varying colors with your grips.

Read Video Transcript Here

Hello this is Dan with Command Hydraulics.

Just doing a short video to show some of the different configurations that the HydraGrips products come in. This that I’m holding here in the blue is our standard format. You’ve got an extend symbol, on this one a retract symbol. Then on the reverse side, you’ve got the HydraGrip symbols on both of them.

Okay on this next configuration in orange here. We have all extend and retract symbols. So on the extend over here, we’ve got that on both side likewise on the retract. What this does is it makes it simpler to grab the right one. First place you look you’re going to have your symbols, so you know where to plug it in.

Now on this next set, it’s fairly similar to the orange that we just showed you in. It has two extend and two retracts with the difference being a gray on one half. What that does is it designates by color as well as symbol that this is the retract hose. So if you have these plugged into a tractor scv and you’ve got a bank of varying colors, you’re going to have your grays all up and down the one side so you got your color as well as your symbol recognition in this configuration.

In this configuration, we’re using blank or what we called “no name” handles, no symbols. On this one, we have several manufacturers using and they are using a red half which red designates pressure on hydraulic schematics. So this is automatically your pressure hose and this is your return hose. The red can combine with any of the of the other seven colors.

So these are just some of the varieties that we’ve done and available. We can do any combinations within the range of what we have in our poly selection.

Appreciate you watching today.

Read more information about HydraGrips (hose sizes, thread types, colors, other features)


Dan Symington

Sales Representative

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