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3 Time-Saving Benefits of HydraGrips

Other than decorating your hydraulic hoses, what benefits do HydraGrips provide to the user? We've compiled a list of the top reasons why you need HydraGrips on your hydraulic lines.

1. Prevent Hoses from Being Hooked Up Incorrectly

Trying to figure out which hose should be attached to which port can be a time-consuming process, and hoses may even get hooked up incorrectly.

HydraGrips with Extend and Retract symbols on them can help speed this process up. Color coding your hoses can help as well- see at-a-glance which hose you need to grab!

2. Reduce Hydraulic Hose Bursts

Repeated tight bending at the fitting connection can cause hydraulic hoses to burst. HydraGrips stabilize this connection, reinforcing the hose in its weakest location.

3. Ergonomically Friendly

HydraGrips add bulk and stability to the end of the hose, which creates a handle that is easy to grip, even with work gloves on.

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