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Hydraulic Hose Handles and Grips, Color-Coded

HydraGrips were built to take the guesswork out of connecting hydraulic hoses while providing users a firm grip in the process.

  • Eliminate time wasted trying to figure out which hose attaches to which port

  • Prevent hoses from being hooked up incorrectly

  • Reduce the struggle of trying to connect and disconnect when the hose ends are slippery, oily, and dirty

  • Reduce hydraulic hoses bursts due to repeated tight bending at the fitting connection

  • Make life easier for you or your equipment operators

Hydraulic Grip Hose Handles
Four Hose Sizes:
  • 1/4"

  • 3/8"

  • 1⁄2"

  • 3/4"

Three Thread Types:
  • O-ring boss

  • Pipe Thread

  • BSPD

Eight Colors:
  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Red

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Gray​

  • Orange

  • Tan

Other Features:​
  • Visible flow direction symbols (pressure, return)

  • Machined steel core

  • Heat, oil and UV resistant casing

Hydraulic Grip Hose Handles
Hydraulic Grip Hose Handles
Hydraulic Hose Grips Handles Color Coded
Dealers and OEM:
  • Dealers pricing available

  • Volume discounts

  • OEM custom colors, sizes and packaging

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