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What tractors will NOT work with a HydraBoost?

HydraBoost hydraulic systems are built to add hydraulic power to tractors. Yet not all tractors will work with our HydraBoost system. What does your tractor need to run a HydraBoost?

1. Tractors without a Power Take-Off (or PTO) shaft

The HydraBoost is a PTO-driven system. If your tractor does not have a PTO shaft, the HydraBoost cannot connect to your tractor.

2. Horsepower required

Many small tractors do not have the horsepower to run a HydraBoost. To run a HydraBoost, a tractor must have at least 50+ horsepower. Smaller HydraBoost units need less horsepower than larger HydraBoost units.

Keep in mind that the more horsepower needed to run a HydraBoost, the less horsepower there is to run the tractor’s other functions. Therefore, putting a high-powered HydraBoost on a low-powered tractor may not work.

Examples of small tractors that cannot run a HydraBoost:

How can I add hydraulics to a tractor without a PTO or enough horsepower?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an alternative on the market currently. If your tractor is too small for a HydraBoost, or if it doesn’t have a PTO, you may want to look into getting a new tractor with a higher hydraulic capacity.

Have a question about your particular tractor hydraulics?

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