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What is Pinch Row Compaction?

Pinch row compaction - the space either side of a row of corn in which a wheel of a tractor, planter or some type of implement travels after the corn seed is placed in the ground.

This compaction creates more difficult conditions for germination and root spread. The results are often seen in rows that are not as tall as the rest, with lees healthier plants, and smaller cob and kernel count.

The effects are seen the most where compaction is on either side of a row of corn. Conditions that contribute more to this compaction issue are ; wet soil, multiple passes of heavy equipment, narrow tire width, high tire inflation.

Looking for a way to combat Pinch Row Compaction?

Float Tire System nearly doubled the tire contact with the soil! Combat soil compaction and avoid stunted plant growth, restricted root systems, and yield loss.


Randy Seed

Sales Representative

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