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What is a PumpDoctor?

The PumpDoctor is a tractor specific mounting kit for many common hydraulic and sprayer pumps.

It uses sprockets on pump shaft and tractor PTO, with a connector chain wrapped around sprockets as the power transfer mechanism, avoiding weight on pump bearings/seals that occurs with direct mounting to power takeoff.

It bolts into tractor’s cast power takeoff housing and is not connected to the drawbar, as the drawbars on most tractor have a small amount of movement and also have a certain amount of vibration that can transfer through to the pump.

It is readily available with kits for most common tractor/pump combinations in stock for shipment.

The PumpDoctor is a support bracket that secures any PTO pump directly to the frame of any tractor.


Dan Symington

Sales Representative

Looking for more information? Send me an email to chat!


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