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Tractor Doesn't Have Enough Hydraulics to Run Larger Air Seeder?

Many producers wanting to upgrade or upsize their air seeders discover they are lacking hydraulic capacity on their current tractor, and don’t have room in their machinery budget to upgrade tractor.

Newer larger air seeders have larger fans, hydraulic driven seed metering, hydraulic downforce on row openers and even hydraulic-driven alternators to operate electrical functions.

One solution is the Command HydraBoost PTO driven auxiliary hydraulic system. These can operate a portion of the hydraulic flow requirement, allowing producers to continue using their favorite tractor!

These units come in several sizes, typically the larger ones, such as 24gpm, 32 gpm & 40 gpm are used in combination with air seeders.

These come complete with our renowned PumpDoctor mounting kit to solidly mount the PTO pumps on most common 4wd and MFWD tractors for maximum pump life and ease of installation!


Dan Symington

Sales Representative

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