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Pre-season HydraBoost Preparation

Pressure washing unit previous to doing preseason maintenance will make process easier.

Couplers for PumpDoctor should be inspected for wear before installing PumpDoctor on tractor. Replace sprockets/chain if showing significant amounts of wear. Double roller chain should flex easily, if not spray with penetrating oil several times and use chain lube during operation.

Oil level should be checked to make sure it is showing on sight/temp gauge on front of tank. Hydraulic oil should be changed every 2-3 seasons depending on amount of run time annually. Change oil filter when filter indicator gauge shows in yellow zone.

Inspect all hoses for wear or leaking fittings, replace any that are questionable.

Once unit is hooked up, run for a few minutes to ensure electric fan on cooler is operating correctly


Dan Symington

Sales Representative

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