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Color Combination Spotlight

Color recognition has repeatedly been proven to be the fastest way to complete hydraulic hose hookup. Most tractors nowadays have color coded dust covers or stickers next to the hydraulic SCVs for operators to easily recognize which hydraulic circuits are paired together. What is not as clear, however, is which hoses on the implements are pressure and which ones are return. The HydraGrips have symbols that make it easy for the operator to immediately distinguish between the two.

For some operators, however, this is not enough, and color differentiation is required. This is exactly where the HydraGrips shine. Since each half is customizable, the HydraGrips can be ordered to mimic the colors in a hydraulic schematic. A red half can be installed on the pressure hose line, while gray half can be installed on the return line so operators can tell them apart from a glance without having to look around for the symbols. This is also helpful when the symbols get covered with hydraulic oil or dirt.

As opposed to aluminum knurled grips, HydraGrips are extremely customizable, so we are sure to have whatever color combination you might want. Below are some of our favorite color combinations from recent farm shows we have visited.

Please give us a call today at 952-890-6800 to see how we can get the right colors to make your machinery pop!


Randy Seed

Sales Representative

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