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5 Key Benefits of the Hydraboost

While the HydraBoost has numerous benefits for you as the grower and your operation, we’ve narrowed down 5 key benefits that you will experience right away with the purchase of one of our units.

1. Takes the strain off your tractor hydraulics.

We all know we ask enough of the tractor’s hydraulics every day without requiring them to run wide-open flow constantly. The max rating on the tractor’s hydraulic pump does not mean the pump is capable of running at this max flow rating 100% of the time. Additionally, like all equipment, the hydraulic capacity drops as years of use take their toll.

2. Comes as complete kit

The HydraBoost is the only setup on the market today that comes as a complete setup, assembled and and ready to mount. Every unit comes complete with our PumpDoctor mounting bracket, hoses, and reservoir unit so you don’t have the headache of trying to pull together parts from various sources.

3. High Economic Value

While the HydraBoost may seem like a large investment upfront, it is actually the best value for your money when considering all the options. A new tractor can cost tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade, not to mention the cost of supporting the new software technology in the cabs of new tractors. The ROI can usually be seen within the first couple years of ownership as the HydraBoost gives you the capacity you need to run more efficiently with precision add-ons.

4. Provides additional cooling capacity

Since the HydraBoost is a completely self-contained system, it includes a 20-25 gallon tank as well as a cooler and electric fan to give you much more cooling capacity. This is especially helpful on the hot days, where our system will keep the oil temperatures down under 160 degrees. This is a great advantage over tractor hydraulic cooling, and will prevent you from having to deal with a costly repair if the tractor hydraulics were to overheat.

5. Versatile

With sizes ranging from 12 GPM up to 40 GPM, we’re sure to have the exact size to meet the demands of your planter. The HydraBoost is also incredibly adaptable as it can be moved over to any tractor you desire. This is incredibly useful in case of a breakdown. As long as the tractor has a PTO, just hook up your pump with the new PumpDoctor and you are good to go!

Randy Seed

Sales Representative

Looking for more information? Send me an email to chat!


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