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3 Key Benefits of the PumpDoctor

The PumpDoctor has been designed to protect your investment by eliminating costly repairs on your equipment. Our product stands head and shoulders above any other PTO pump mounting kit offered on the market today. We’ve narrowed down 3 key benefits that prove this:

1. Eliminates Wear From Vibration

The PTO pump is left hanging off the PTO shaft or mounted up from the tractor drawbar with many OEM mounts. While this isn’t ideal for obvious reasons, the main problem is that the slight vibration from the drawbar or loose pump causes excessive, uneven wear on the PTO shaft. Left over time, this can lead to a PTO shaft needing to be replaced, costing more than the PumpDoctor itself. The PumpDoctor securely fastens the PTO to the tractor frame so there is no chance of any vibration or movement at all.

2. Maximizes Weight Distribution

PTO pumps keep getting heavier over the years, some getting upwards of 60 pounds. This presents the new challenge of keeping the weight off the PTO shaft itself. With the PumpDoctor, the PTO pump is bolted directly to our bracket, thus transferring all the weight from the PTO shaft directly onto the frame of the tractor. This ensures a long lifetime of use for your PTO shaft.

3. Reduces Downtime

When spring planting hits, you can’t afford to be left in the field with a planter that won’t run because of a broken shaft on a PTO pump. The PumpDoctor is proven to be the strongest mounting kit available in the market today to keep your equipment running when you need it most. With many local dealers supplying PumpDoctor wear parts and all parts stocked in our Minnesota location, you can be assured Command Hydraulics will keep your operation running smoothly.

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Randy Seed

Sales Representative

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