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Take the guesswork out of connecting hydraulic hoses to your tractor - color code them and make them easy to connect. 

Command Hydraulics Hydraboost


Add up to 40 gpm of hydraulic capacity to your tractor to power your John Deere 1770 or other corn planter's vaccum fans and v-rate drives. 



Eliminate excessive vibration, shaft strain, warping and breaking caused by your heavy PTO pump. 

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About Command Hydraulics

Founded in 1985 as Rowe Manufacturing, the company had earned its reputation as a leader in the agriculture industry for products that helped farmers continue to use their investments in costly equipment. Today Command Hydraulics continues with the same reputation and dedication - to help farmers increase the life-span of their costly equipment.

Command Hydraulics manufactures and provides hydraulic solutions for the agriculture industry including our HydraBoost, PumpDoctor, HydraGrip, replacement pumps, and other related components.

As we look to add further value for our customers, innovation has led us to introduce the Command Float Tire system. Anyone today using a planter with Bulk fill systems can appreciate the challenges of trying to reduce compaction and the reduction in crop yield. The team here at Command will continue to listen to the needs of our customers and develop new and innovative products to add value.

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