Farmers are saving thousands of dollars per year by switching to LED lights.  Replace your high pressure sodium or metal halide bulbs (up to 250w) with our angled LED bulb and get a longer bulb life-span, much more light and consume far less electricity!  Our angled LED bulbs direct more light downwards instead of scattering light in all directions including upward.



● Requires bypassing ballast in high pressure sodium and metal halide fixtures, which is a good thing because ballasts consume a lot of power and require replacing over time.

● Fits E39 sockets, mogul base

● Replaces bulbs up to 250w

● 60 watts

● 9,100 lumens

● 5" wide by 6" high

● 5 Year Warranty

● 4,000 - 5,000k

● 110V-120V

● Die cast aluminum with cooling fan for fast heat dissipation

● UL

● No RF interference

● No IR/UV radiation

● No mercury

● For indoor use from 15 feet high to 20 feet high

60 Watt Angled LED Bulb (E39 Mogul base)