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How Do I Get Maximum Life from my PumpDoctor?

The sprockets and chains in a PumpDoctor are parts that may need to be replaced if used incorrectly. Here's 3 tips to make sure that your PumpDoctor works like it should.

  1. Make sure PumpDoctor is correctly aligned. The double roller chain should be free from binding on the top, sides, and bottom. If incorrect, loosen carriage bolts slightly and use dead-blow hammer to move slightly to align.

  2. Make certain the sprocket on the pump has set screw(s) tightened. A drop of removable Locktite on the set screw will ensure it doesn’t work loose during planting season.

  3. Lubrication with chain lube once or twice a day will extend the life of chain and sprockets as well.

Keeping your PumpDoctor correctly aligned and well maintained will keep it running smoothly.

Need replacement parts for your PumpDoctor?

We can help you out! Shop online to find any sprockets or chains that you might want.


Dan Symington

Sales Representative

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